Alarming Terms and Conditions in Pinehouse – Cameco – Areva Agreement

“Under the Collaboration Agreement, Pinehouse is expected to fully support Cameco/Areva’s mining.” This is just one of many alarming terms in the summary of terms of a collaboration agreement between Cameco, Areva and the Administration of the northern village of Pinehouse. The Agreement would have Pinehouse acknowledge consultation, agree with any government permissions, agree with mining operations, promise not to oppose the construction, development or operation of Cameco/Areva’s proposed projects, and support future mining operations. Read a copy of the document obtained by the Committee for Future Generations: Term Sheet summary, Cameco-Areva-Pinehouse Collaboration Agreement


6 thoughts on “Alarming Terms and Conditions in Pinehouse – Cameco – Areva Agreement

  1. Pinehouse doesn’t HAVE to accept those conditions do they? The leadership along with their legal eagles can move to have those kinds of proposed clauses struck from the document. I would think their legal team is testing the water to see how much they can push and get away with it.

    • The “leadership” collaborating with cameco/areva is corrupt. It is made up of individuals with a history of draining the municipal coffers dry. They have appointed a representative with a history of violence (multiple police files) behind whom they are shamefully content to hide. This makes community participation virtually non-existent.

  2. I understand that the majority of individuals in the community are opposed, and have signed petitions to that effect. These petitions have been ignored by the Administration of Pinehouse, by the nuclear industry and by the Provincial Government.

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