Letter to ERFN Chief Alfred Dawatsare

“Think of this as a meteorologist trying to predict the weather in the next couple of days. He usually does so in terms of probabilities. In the case of nuclear storage, we are trying to predict for the next million years. The equations are very complicated and the variables are very high. This means the risk is very high.” Read the full text of English River First Nation member Percy Paul’s Letter to Chief Alfred Dawatsare.


2 thoughts on “Letter to ERFN Chief Alfred Dawatsare

  1. Thank you Percy for explaining this in a way that people can understand. You are a bridge between worlds of science and tradition. Most of all, thank you for the love and respect you have shown for all living things by taking this courageous stand. Marci-cho

  2. Thanks for a well-written, respectful and informative letter.

    Well, a million years is overstating it but the timeline doesn’t matter. As soon as we need to watch over anything greater than one generation, we have a problem. Imagine the challenge of caring for this nuclear waste for even a century (which NWMO says that it will do – how can a corporation promise something for a century when it can declare bankruptcy tomorrow?). A century is four generations. As I age, I am amazed at the number of really good skills that I have that I have failed to “pass on” to my children, only one generation.

    Only the best story-tellers – and protectors of the legends – will be able to do it. Since this waste will need caretaking for a long long time no matter where it goes – or stays where it is, one excellent option (at least we know where it is, it will be where the decommissioning will eventually take place and where we can readily get a “priesthood” of army cadets and others to guard it.)
    The challenge will be creating the legend.

    Even the legends of the North about the black rock did not protect it from being mined – because the legends were in only one culture, a colonialized one at that. We have two challenges – create a story that captures the imagination so that people will tell it – and make certain that it is in as many languages as possible as quickly as possible.

    Taking the down the nuclear industry – tackling the one industry capable of ending life on earth – should make a great legend.

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