Support Court Injunction to Stop Signing of Cameco Areva Pinehouse Agreement

A group of northerners from Pinehouse (5), Beauval (1), English River First Nation (1) and Canoe Lake First Nation (1) has just secured a lawyer who is working on a court injunction to stop the signing of this agreement. The lawyer informed the group today that “Anyone can add their name, including organizations and groups.”

The group is appealing to all human rights and environmental groups and organizations to demonstrate unity in protecting our right to free speech by signing on to this court injunction.

Details: Support Court Injunction to Stop Signing of Cameco Areva Pinehouse Agreement.


4 thoughts on “Support Court Injunction to Stop Signing of Cameco Areva Pinehouse Agreement

  1. I object vehemently to the uranium industry and member companies of the uranium industry pushing what amounts to a gag order on any community in Saskatchewan or our entire country. Free speech must not be given away to “making of deals with uranium companies and their horrible products”!
    Since the Manhattan project during WWII, the above ground, underground and Pacific atoll tests; since the domestication of the exact same reaction as used in the atom bomb to nuclear power, no solution has been found for dealing with the horrid long term extremely toxic, hot waste products that result. During the atom bomb tests, the wastes were blown sky high spreading all hazards and their varying half-lives around the world.
    The nuclear industry should never have been allowed to exist at all in light of the extreme long term liability that lies in the wastes.
    Nuclear Waste is not a business opportunity. Nuclear waste will require husbandry for thousands and hundreds of thousands of years…long beyond the life of current written and spoken languages. The nuclear industry could not possibly have made enough money to pay for this care and husbandry of waste.

    To approach a small northern community with “Have we got a deal for you!” on the lying faces, and convincing some few members there that they can make alot of money in the shortrun, is tantamount to a crime against humanity (and the natural world who were NOT created for human’s to disgard as they please, human’s being just one of many creations).

    The community, any community that agrees to give up their rights to free speech and reporting what they see and feel, to report on health and welfare etc etc, will end up stuck with the waste with no one else willing to take it from them.

    The first solution to dealing with Nuclear Waste is the obvious “Stop Making It!”. Stop the reactors, stop the mining.

    We all know that the highly radioactive and dangerous Plutonium that exists in the waste and how if fallen into the wrong hands in a world gone to chaos, the people of any village that have agreed to a gag order and husbandry in perpetuity will not have a say in the bringing back out of the waste and processing, trucking, handling and redepositing of subsequent waste.

    What a horrid afront to humanity it is when an organization such as Nuclear Waste Management Organization comes to a small village with sweet voices telling them nice things about nuclear waste. What a horrid afront to humanity when the nuclear industry in similar sweet voices tells the village that they must not speak out!.

    NO to Nuclear Waste Dump!
    NO to Uranium Mining in total.
    Stop making Nuclear Waste! (for until Nuclear Waste production is stopped there can be no trust).

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