VIDEOS: Prince Albert Idle No More teach-in on nuclear waste

Thank you to technician Pierrette Settee for her diligence and dedication to this livestreaming/recording task, which quite literally took up every minute of the 2-day event, March 9 and 10, 2013 in Prince Albert.

Max Morin, John Smerek, Dale Smith part 1 Welcome by emcee Jackie Lerat Nixon; Introduction by Committee for Future Generations Chair Max Morin; CFFG Vice President John Smerek speaks; Beginning of Pinehouse resident Dale Smith’s presentation.

Dale Smith part 2, Fred Pederson, James Smith: Remainder of Dale Smith presentation; Pinehouse resident Fred Pederson; Pinehouse resident and Elder James Smith.

David Geary, Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan PowerPoint: NWMO in Saskatchewan, a critical analysis.

Paul Daigneault, Curtis: Interactive Drama: Wesakecahk is Idle No More. The Woodlands Cree story of creation, enacted with audience participation.

Willie Ermine: & PowerPoint: The Possibilities.

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