Japan’s Nuclear Waste: Managing a Lethal Legacy

Japan spent fuelTwo years after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, NHK, Japan’s national broadcasting organization, produced a documentary about the country’s Nuclear Waste: Managing a Lethal Legacy.

“No one has found a way to deal with the spent fuel. Nor no sites have been found for its final disposal. The spent fuel kept piling up. It now amounts to 17 thousand tons for Japan as a whole. Some nuclear plants could run out of storage space in about 2 years if they were to go back online,” according to the description of the documentary.

The film examines the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NUMO) of Japan’s site selection process and community opposition, as well as similar issues in several European countries. In many cases, there are striking parallels to the situation in Canada. The documentary is available for viewing online.


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