Northerners call for Wall’s resignation

Press statement
To call for the resignation of Premier Brad Wall

Prince Albert Daily Herald, Fri. March 22nd 2013 quotes Premier Brad Wall regarding jobs, “Such jobs not only drive the economy, but they serve as a revenue generating social service. Do you know what the best program for First Nations and Métis people in Saskatchewan is? Not a program at all – it’s Cameco.”

Premier Brad Wall in making the foregoing statement is actively engaged in the gross interference of fundamental justice that has been decreed by the Supreme Court of Canada in the court’s ruling on Duty to Consult and Accommodate.

The Haida Nation decision (2004), the Supreme Court of Canada held that the legal duty to consult rests with the Crown and is triggered when: The Crown has actual or constructive knowledge; of the potential existence of an Aboriginal right or title; and contemplates conduct that might adversely affect it.

In a letter received from the Premier dated Dec. 18th 2012, dealing with Cameco’s proposed uranium mine called the Millennium Project, the Premier writes on the matter of Duty to Consult and Accommodate. The Premier states, “The Ministry of Environment will fulfill the Duty to Consult with First Nations and Métis communities in a manner consistent with the Consultation Policy Framework.”

The Premier by virtue of his comments made on March 21st 2013, is blatantly racist, subverts the legal requirement of Duty to Consult and Accommodate, and does not honour the legal and moral obligation to govern responsibly in our names. Uranium companies are not appropriate governance for Indigenous people.

As a result of Brad Wall’s comments, we hereby call for his immediate resignation.

WHAT: Local groups are holding a media conference to ask for the resignation of Premier Wall

WHEN: Tuesday, March 26 at 12:00 NOON

WHERE: JMC Public Library (downstairs meeting room): 125 12th St. E.

For more information, or to arrange an interview in advance, contact Bryan Lee at 306-982-4576 or 306-980-2521


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