Doreen Docken responds to Wall’s comments in PA

In response to Premier Brad Wall’s comments in Prince Albert earlier this month, Committee for Future Generations member Doreen Docken wrote the following Letter to the Editor, published in the PA Herald on March 30:

Thank you Premier Wall – A response to, “Premier gives local supporters plenty of red meat“, PA Herald March 22, 2013.

I would like to thank our Premier for his statement on March 21, 2013, in Prince Albert, where he stated, “Do you know what the best program for First Nations and Metis people in Saskatchewan is?  No program at all — it’s CAMECO.”

You see, for the past two years, I’ve been going around to our people in the north, trying to convince them that the policy of your government is not to develop wellness in our communities, not to support grassroots programs geared to end addictions and suicide, and definitely not to instil pride in furthering your education for “other careers.” Rather, your policy is to make us dependent on one industry, the uranium industry and now you’ve proved my point.  I AM METIS and I’m insulted that this is all you have to offer!

It’s no different from the genocide of the last 500+ years.  Instead of the children being taken away, it’s the parents.  We have more cancer, addictions, debt and no guarantee of any health benefits if you leave the mine and then develop cancer.

Uranium creates radiation, radiation causes cancer, and cancer kills people!  Our cancer rates have soared and they are cancers that we’ve never seen before.  Just talk to the doctors in our northern health region; in fact please do the research.

As Aboriginal People, we believe in fundamental principles: Pray to your Creator and Care for the Earth.  I will be praying that you, “GAIN UNDERSTANDING”!

Doreen Docken

Beauval, Sask.


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