Comment from a Concerned Northerner

This and several other thoughtful comments were posted in response to Brad Wall’s Letter to the Editor in the Prince Albert Daily Herald:

“As the Premier of this Province, Brad Wall should look in the mirror regarding his serious lack of understanding about the realities in Northern Saskatchewan. Uranium mining in northern Saskatchewan is not the long term solution to employing people of any background, the companies are doling out minute amounts in comparison to what is being derived from total profits!!! Wall’s comments about industry doing the people a favor doesn’t bode well, as it is reflective of this governments failure to invest in Northern Saskatchewan that is at the heart of the true message!!! Companies hire people of the north simply due to Land Lease Agreements that states that they have to in order to be licensed. Not all people are interested or want to work in a mining operation. Companies also have a moral obligation as a “good corporate citizens” to hire locally. We have lived in and around mining in this part of the Province for over three generations and for a southerner to tell us what he thinks is best for us demonstrates a true lack of respect and knowledge of Northerner Saskatchewan… There are more harmful effects stemming from the full cycle of uranium mining that is less talked about, due to the $ollar $igns that are involved, that are beginning to show in wildlife habitats, migration patterns of fisheries, Water quality, and human health… Next time the Premiere brags about the North, ask him where the Bridge is in his set of priorities, in the place known as the “Gateway to the North”…He may want the companies to bail him out there, as well!!!”


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