Stanley Mission walkers celebrate in Saskatoon

Yesterday the Stanley Mission walkers’ Sacred Journey for Future Generations reached Saskatoon. This video documents the celebration at a potluck fundraiser with drumming and singing. After the songs, Bruce and Joyce McKenzie, as well as other walkers explain why they started this journey. Bruce describes how their traditional culture back home at Stanley Mission is still very strong, how they still take the youth out on the land each year to hunt moose, how food and medicines still come from the lakes, river and earth surrounding them. He talked about how the omnibus bills are putting all that at risk, and it’s time for people to speak out for all these that don’t have voices.

One of the women walkers explained, “I just realized that I have nothing to lose, everything to gain and so much to learn.”

Dion Tootoosis compared the Sacred Journey to the sun dance in terms of sacrifice, and the pipe in terms of holy commitment. He had powerful words regarding the obligation to stand up and do what’s necessary to protect the earth.

Another walker who is also a drummer and singer explained, “I wanted to do it for my kids and for everybody. I’ve been to a sweat and I’ve been told by the Elders, “It’s time to take a journey”. I was going to back out for awhile because my kids didn’t want me to go, but when I explained it to them, they were like, “Ya! Go! Go!” and they were all happy.” I told them they’ll see me on t.v. anyways.” Lol!
stanley mission walkers leavingThe walkers left Saskatoon this morning. May they be blessed with continued strength, courage, safety and unwavering faith as they walk with prayers for all life.

Many thanks to Owen Swiderski for videotaping this historic event and sharing it with us.


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