John Smerek: No environmental or health baseline studies

Letter to the editor of Northern Pride from Pinehouse resident John Smerek, regarding the “New market for North’s uranium” article published on April 23, 2013:

Cameco has never provided a health base line or environment base for that matter.

Governments support the industry, camouflaged as prosperity. All the people get is jobs. Brad Wall has not announced the full agenda of the Northern Uranium Development: full disclosure should be presented to the public now in the same sentence he uses to promote the development, because the evidence at Pinehouse is showing that waste storage and reprocessing are the interests of the industry that Wall supports.

The innocent people who just get a job and nothing more are encouraged to support industry as though industry is truthful and transparent with their motives. Cameco will keep licensing their mine area until they are ready to pull out, just to avoid the reclamation process, avoid an environmental study, avoiding public awareness, costs of clean-up that may affect their operations, their license and their prosperity.

The people can rest assured that when Cameco is done, they will leave prosperous, leaving the tailings to be a burden to the taxpayer and environment, health issues to nature and for families to have to deal with, for hundreds of years. Of course it may be government’s interest to allow genetic alteration or a depopulation process, rather than represent the people or peoples’ interest in a safe world they can leave for generations that follow.

John Smerek
Pinehouse, Saskatchewan


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