The uranium industry and its partner Nuclear Waste Management Organization have been very active over the last several months promoting the Uranium Development agenda in Northern Saskatchewan, and so have local community opponents. We sincerely hope that this insightful film by Myek O’Shea (presenting new footage shot at Pinehouse, SK, in the last six months) will infuse the broader Saskatchewan community with renewed purpose and resolve to support northern communities facing the nuclear onslaught.

Published on Apr 30, 2013
SK toxic waste dump thumbnail24 min educational documentary on the various agencies involved in colonial waste management. This low-budget independent film takes viewers to the front-line of the back end of the nuclear industry.
This story begins in 2009 when the Nuclear Waste Management Organization comes to Regina SK to share with us their agenda of disposing eastern Canada’s highly radioactive nuclear waste in the prairies.One of the communities that has expressed interest in ‘learning more’ is the northern village of Pinehouse. But what kind of learning are they receiving?

The film takes viewers to the remote northern community of Pinehouse to better understand this nuclear ‘consultation’ that is taking place. The film is an investigation into the larger social justice question regarding the ‘Duty to Consult’.

Please also visit You can watch part 1 here.


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