ERFN to sign collaboration agreement with Cameco, Areva, drops land claim lawsuit

“People are concerned and want more information on how increased uranium mining will affect human health, wildlife and the land. Many people supported the court case and haven’t been given enough of an explanation about why it is being dropped.” ~ Candyce Paul, English River First Nation
The pattern is nauseatingly, criminally familiar. Once again, Cameco is about to sign an agreement with an Indigenous community which has neither been consulted nor educated on the risk of what amounts to permanent contamination of traditional lands.
But this time, the deception sinks even deeper, and the stakes run higher. One of the conditions of the agreement is that English River First Nations drop their 2008 lawsuit against the Saskatchewan government, over land the band claimed under the 1992 Treaty Land Entitlement Framework. The lands in question include those on which Cameco hopes to develop its Millennium project.
Marie Black, interim Chief signing the deal, was not even elected; she just had the highest number of councilor votes. Besides the fact that no consultion or vote was held regarding this agreement, reserve members question her authority to sign on behalf of English River First Nation in the first place.

One thought on “ERFN to sign collaboration agreement with Cameco, Areva, drops land claim lawsuit

  1. We just heard the news on CBC radio. Somehow hearing it announced was worse that hearing that they were planning to do the dirty deed. There is a nauseating sense of finality about it. This will go global.

    Just feels like money is ruining the environment.

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