OPG Nuclear Demons Given Notice by Journey for Earth

Journey for earth OPG

June 13, 2013: Journey for Earth Walkers deliver a letter to Ontario Power Generation officials at OPG head office in Toronto, informing them of the impacts of nuclear-generated electricity on the environment and demanding the transition to renewable energies. Watch a video of the action!

OPG uses Saskatchewan uranium to supply electricity to millions of Ontarians. When NWMO’s Director of Aboriginal Relations Pat Patton was asked at English River First Nation promoting a nuclear waste repository, why, if it’s so safe to store what she had just described as highly radioactive waste, would it be shipped across the country to northern Saskatchewan, she replied, “because the people of Toronto don’t feel safe”.

Nancy Greyeyes of Muskeg Lake Cree Nation who reads the letter started walking April 6th from Saskatoon Sk. She is flanked by cowalkers Geron Paul of English River First Nation, Rueben Maurice of Beauval, Brian Whitstone of Onion Lake First Nation and Sharon Veley of Nipissing First Nation. That morning they had read a letter out in front of the GEHitachi uranium processing plant and met with families who are working to get it shut down.

Journey for Earth is only days away from their destination of Ottawa on June 21st, National Aboriginal Day, when they will join many others (including Marius & Shayna Paul enroute) in the biggest round dance in the world on Parliament Hill.
Step by step, the walkers are nearing their destination. Please join them on Parliament Hill on June 21 if you can or help get the word out. They are also in need of support to make the long trip back home. Contact Candyce Paul at susnaghe@sasktel.net for more information about donations.

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