Support our Journey for Earth walkers!

Journey for Earth at GE plant

Our courageous young Journey for Earth walkers Geron Paul from English River First Nation, Rueben Maurice from Beauval, and the other walkers all need your support!

From northern Saskatchewan across Manitoba and all of Ontario, these courageous 5 have carried a strong message that we must STOP the DESTRUCTION of the Earth for profit. They have sacrificed to be away from their families through very trying times. They have suffered physical pain. They have left pieces of themselves on the road so that you all may hear. They have been blessed by the Earth itself for how many can say they have seen what they have seen and learned what they have learned. We must carry the light that they have lit and nurture it, grow it until it lights the fire within everyone.

After they reach Ottawa on June 21, we need to bring them back to their homes in a good way. Reach out and give them a helping hand. If you can donate towards their return trip please inbox Candyce Paul or email her at She will forward you the information on how to support their safe journey home.

Masi cho! Miigwich! Nai wen!


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