NWMO & OPG Secret Meetings in Bruce County

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) hasn’t only been meeting behind closed doors in northern Saskatchewan, as a recent letter from Save Our Saugeen Shores (SOS) and Southampton Residents Association (SAR) to local officials makes very clear.

“Both SOS and the SRA believe the lack of transparency in reporting and the timing of the release of information regarding Bruce County municipalities’ intention to become involved in NWMO’s APM (Adaptive Phased Management) demonstrate a mission to keep Bruce County constituents uninformed during crucial decision-making processes in their respective municipalities,” the two Ontario organizations wrote last month. Read the full letter online, as well as an addendum regarding secret closed meetings.

SOS is also organizing a peaceful protest walk in Southampton next Saturday, June 29, to oppose the mayor and council’s move to Step 3 of the NWMO DGR process and to say “No Nuke Dump” in Saugeen Shores or anywhere in the Great Lakes Basin.

SOS no nuke walk june 29


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