Nuclear debate fueled in Saskatchewan by controversial film

“The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission may be in La Ronge to talk about the relicensing of three Cameco and Areva mines, but the nuclear discussion has found its way to Saskatoon. Tuesday night at the Roxy Theatre in Saskatoon the controversial documentary Pandora’s Promise from Academy Award-nominated director and former anti-nuclear activist Robert Stone was screened in front of a packed theatre. After the screening a panel held a public debate that included two anti-nuclear experts and two nuclear experts to answer questions from the crowd.”

“This film keeps you in the maze but allows you only one exit and that is the nuclear industry can resolve the climate crisis. It is fundamentally dishonest as a documentary to close all these doors once you enter the question but the conclusion was there before the inquiry began,” said retired environmental and justice professor Jim Harding.

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One thought on “Nuclear debate fueled in Saskatchewan by controversial film

  1. and so the ad campaigns go on just as they did with the tobacco industry.
    The general public will take their sweet jolly tijme getting itself up to speed on this and so our world will be made unfit for life.of the human sort forever perhaps. I guess we’ll have to get reincarnated somewhere else.

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