Pandora’s Promise: Marshalling hope for yet another nuclear comeback

pandoraCommittee for Future Generations members had the opportunity to attend the October 1 screening of Pandora’s Promise at the Roxy theatre in Saskatoon and the ensuing debate, in which Clean Green researcher David Geary and retired professor Jim Harding square off against nuclear industry representatives.

“The film shifts fears about nuclear weapons and reactors into fears about climate change. This isn’t done by exploring cost-effective ways to reduce carbon but through denigration, omission and hyper-emotion. The film is like a maze: once you enter all non-nuclear pathways are dismissed to steer you towards the nuclear exit.

“Using the “straw man” approach the film paints a picture of anti-nukes as irrational zealots. It features six people who have had a radical conversion to being pro-nuclear. Their language is revealing; one convert, a past activist in Earth First, says he previously believed “nuclear power is evil”, yet his new-found conviction remains similarly moralistic.”

Read the complete text of Jim Harding’s article over on his blog,


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