Global Agenda: Fukushima returns

“In the intervening period of almost two and a half years, anyone who wanted to follow Fukushima could do so, but only in the blogosphere because the mainstream media had largely forgotten about it. Few wanted to know, for reasons discussed above, and so the field was left to a few dedicated bloggers, many of whom were eccentric, or obsessive, for one reason or other. It was difficult to believe what they said, especially since the Japanese government and TEPCO were maintaining the facade that things were OK and getting better.
That was incorrect and, more accurately, untrue. The bloggers who tried to keep the topic alive for the rest of the worldfukushima may have exaggerated and may even have been overthe- top, but at the end of the day, they were right. This is now obvious because over the past few weeks, and much more intensively over the past few days, Fukushima has forced its way back into the mainstream news. The reports from the disaster site make extremely uncomfortable reading, particularly if you happen to live anywhere around the Pacific Ocean.
True, that is rather a large body of water, and California is a long way from Japan, but at least according to some of the scientists quoted in some of the reports, the poison seeping out of Fukushima in the form of highly radioactive water will not be dissolved, dispersed or otherwise dealt with by the Pacific and will therefore cause trouble far from its source.
If you haven’t read about Fukushima recently, or for a long time, you should – but only if you are ready to be shocked and frightened and confused. In any event, it looks like we are going to be hearing a great deal more about it. But however it turns out, the clearest conclusion to be drawn from the sad saga is that governments and their agencies simply cannot be believed, especially in matters of life and death.”

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