A pump jack in Oklahoma City

In response to this news article

” “Let’s make sure that as we call for federal dollars — recognizing there’s no money tree and there’s one taxpayer — that when we get those federal dollars that we’re utilizing them in a way that’s providing the maximum economic benefit, but also addressing the infrastructure needs of our province,” Wotherspoon said Tuesday.

People could be put to work on other infrastructure projects to stimulate the economy, such as fixing schools or highways, he said.

Wotherspoon says he knows the energy sector and workers are facing troubles, but adds that the $156 million pitch doesn’t deal with true “orphaned” wells.

Orphaned wells are those in which a company that was the owner no longer exists. Wotherspoon estimates there are about 100 such wells in Saskatchewan.”

The very same thing has and will happen with the uranium mining companies too so knowing that, WE SHOULD NOT BE PERMITTING ANY URANIUM EXPLORATION OR MINES ON DENE LAND BECAUSE WHEN THEY LEAVE A MESS IT IS FOREVER CONTAMINATED.



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