Article: Parliamentary Secretary Rudd Addresses Canada’s Nuclear Industry

“In her remarks, Parliamentary Secretary Rudd emphasized the importance of investing in clean energy research and development, as well as fostering private sector investments in clean technology, as the Government works toward meeting its climate change goals. She reiterated the Government’s commitment to working with Canada’s nuclear sector in its efforts to capture new opportunities both at home and around the world.

Parliamentary Secretary Rudd reaffirmed the Government’s continued support for Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) — including efforts to revitalize the facilities at its Chalk River Laboratories and to address federal nuclear waste responsibilities. As part of this effort, construction of a new, state-of-the-art nuclear science building that will allow for cutting-edge and unique research is already underway”

(Full article here)

This one makes me want to swear. They should be talking about a radiation/ nuclear waste tax just as much as they are about a carbon tax. Minister of Natural Resources putting in his two-cents worth that will also turn northern Saskatchewan, Dene land, into an international sacrifice zone and any place they store the waste into a permanent NO GO ZONE.



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