Article: Manitoba’s legacy of the atomic age


“All the rubble deemed clearable is to be disposed of in a Government of Manitoba landfill run by Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship, and they have a law — no radioactive materials in landfills.

…By spring, 50 per cent of this highly contaminated building will be a pile of rubble. An American subcontractor specializing in radiological protection will be charged with deciding what goes into a Manitoba landfill. This contractor has a compromised track record.

We do know Canada’s nuclear industry has relied upon ambiguous standards of measurement such as the ALARA principle, (as low as reasonably achievable). Whether this will be the standard used by the contractor we aren’t likely to find out.”

(full article here)

Once again the nuclear industry is keeping secrets. Everyone in the watershed area of Pinawa needs to pay close attention to this “decommissioning” of a highly radioactive facility.


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