Article: We don’t leave them dying

“think the molten fuel was scattered everywhere. Nobody is sure where exactly is. However one thing sure is some parts of it are in our own bodies and in animal bodies living in Japan.

It has been 5 years, but the slogan is still “40 years to Fukushima decommissioning”. The moment of decommissioning keeps escaping like mirage. Moreover, Hayashi, the minister of Economy said we do our best to complete Fukushima decommissioning in 40 years, but we don’t promise it will be done within 40 years.

NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) suggested to seek a way not to remove the molten fuel. The chairman of NRA even stated he is not interested in the frozen water wall underground. Muon proved none of the molten fuel is remaining above the ground.

We are all finally starting to realize what actually happened 5 years ago.
The 6th year will be the year when we must face the reality that we kept on trying to ignore.”

(Full article here)


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