Article: Profitable Element, Powerful Entity: Saskatchewan’s Uranium Industry and Dene Ecology

“Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Basin currently supplies about 20% of the global uranium market. It is mined out in ore 10 to 100 times more uranium rich than any other deposits found on Earth. This is of much interest to industry and government as it results in the creation of several thousand jobs and significant impacts on the economy. Some years the value of production has exceeded onecffg-01billion dollars, which nets about 100 million dollars in royalties for the provincial government (Sk Mining). With such high stakes, it is easy to see how any aboriginal opposition might be unwelcome, yet there have always been some who, from the perspective of traditional ecological values, question the practice of uranium mining. From an indigenous perspective, a large scope of relationships that span across time and space need to be considered. Elders are concerned about the future and about our relationship to the land. To the Dene uranium is more than a profitable element; it is also a powerful entity.”

(Full article here)


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