The Passionate Eye did a fairly good summary of events at Fukushima for the fifth anniversary of the event. “Answers” would not be forthcoming because the Japanese bureaucracy – and the rest of world as well – remain in complete denial. Chernobyl has proven to be effectively forever – Fukushima, on the ocean where its contaminates can be more readily spread has the potential to affect much more of the globe. – Dr. Dale Dewar

This situation at Fukushima has not been resolved and has all but vanished from the news. I agree with this idea that leaders of the world must come together to avoid more catastrophe. As a supplier of uranium to Japan, Saskatchewan is connected to this unfolding nightmare. Both Brad Wall and Cam Broten support nuclear technology. They need to step up and urge Canada to take some responsibility to help. – Stephanie Sydiaha…/We_demand_that_every_single_na…/…


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