Article: Officials are looking for a new home for 2.6 million highly radioactive fuel rods from nuclear plants

“Tonnes and tonnes of them — enough to fill seven hockey rinks to the half-boards with all of Canada’s spent nuclear fuel,radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years.

For those already worried about plans to bury Ontario’s low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste in Southwestern Ontario, at the bottom of a shaft deeper than the CN Tower is tall, all those spent fuel rods loom as an issue several magnitudes greater: where, or whether, to bury them all.

Borehole drilling may start as early as next year at three rural communities near Lake Huron that have asked to be part of the process.

Six northern Ontario communities are also on the shortlist for further study.

Like it or not, the fuel rods aren’t going away — and their number is growing at a rate of 90,00 bundles a year.”

(Full article here)

Since they started the search for a deep geologic repository in 2011 the amount of spent radioactive fuel produced has increased by an entire hockey rink. The intention of the nuclear industry to keep producing it without a proven fail safe solution to the waste is highly irresponsible to all generations current and future.


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