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Paddle poster

Link to pdf:  Prayer Paddle4

Feel free to print and distribute the above poster, as well as the pamphlet below.

Paddle pamphlet

The Committee for Future Generations is a grassroots all-volunteer organization. Our members are Dene, Cree, Metis and non-Indigenous residents of communities in Northern Saskatchewan committed to educating the people about the dangers of nuclear waste transportation and storage.

We need your involvement and support!

* Get in touch and get informed. We have an email list, a facebook page and many educational materials and links.

* Make a donation. Funds are urgently needed for our ongoing activities. Our Committee was able to travel to two gatherings this past summer by holding garage sales.

* Sign our petition. On May 14, 2012, we presented our petition with more than 12,000 signatures to the provincial legislature in Regina, demanding a legislated ban on nuclear waste transportation and storage in Saskatchewan. We continue to collect signatures. If you can help collect signatures in your community, workplace or organization, you can Download the Petition and mail completed copies to the address on the bottom of the document.

* Help spread the word. Talk to your family, neighbours and others about the grave risks associated with nuclear waste storage and transportation. If you would be able to help organize a presentation by the Committee for Future Generations or connect us with radio and media coverage, please get in touch.

* Get active. We welcome help with web design, research, educational material production and distribution, event organization, fundraising… Interested in lending a hand? Let us know!

* Write a message or letter of solidarity. Messages of outside support are important for isolated northern communities fighting nuclear waste and the solidarity demonstrated by so many people from near and far gives us strength. Please feel free to leave comments below or email us a letter or note to pass on and share.

Contact us:

7 thoughts on “Get Involved!

  1. This committee has a great mandate. In my opinion, this committee should be expanded across the province (and beyond) and be focused on uniting grassroots against all threats to our environment and a grassroots response to the climate change crisis.

    Thanks for coming to Regina Deb and Max and sharing!

    • Hi, thanks your interest in helping out! You can now download a PDF of the petition from the page above, print, collect signatures, and then just mail it back to our address, provided at the bottom of the petition document. Thanks so much!

  2. I will stand with you! I have already used facebook and twitter to try and get the word out, but now I’m going to take it to the streets of Weyburn and get people to sign the petition! Could you tell me, is there an age requirement for signing or can we look to the youth to raise their voices, as well?

    • There is no age requirement for the petition, as long as the signer understands that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees every Canadian the right to free speech, and that the Cameco/Areva/Pinehouse agreement would take that right away. You can download a copy of the agreement from the main page of our website and show people the clause if you wish: Section G, clauses “e” and “f”. Look on the home page of our website for the article “Alarming Terms and Conditions of Cameco Areva Pinehouse Agreement”. And thank you for taking a stand. Let us know how you’re doing and if you need any help.

  3. Radicalism and extremism has many faces. And you all are part of it. Nuclear energy is cleaner than the windmill scam. So take your fucking terrorism somewhere else. We all are not stupid to put up with crap dished out by the degenerate individuals such as you in the society. And the Hitachi plant has been around since the 1950s. And some of a sudden you all have an issue with it? Where is the hazard over the past 60 years from this plant?
    Anyone found inciting such actions of disrupting the society and its welfare in the name of extremism, would be dealt as such a threat like anywhere in this world. There is no difference between you apes and the Islamic Imams who incite violence and disruptions all over the world. based on radical religious believes. World has woken up to your scams. And we are not ready to tolerate your BS anymore. Rule of law applies to all. And there are limitations to the Personal Freedom with in a civilized democratic society. If you all want to protest morons, choose your venues appropriately. Mob psychology is not called protest which is not a right in itself. It is part of the Freedom of Expression. And your freedom of expression can not interfere with other people’s welfare. And in the name of “protest” you can not threaten the commonwealth. So think twice before you do anything stupid. Because we will come after the apes who are inciting such acts of threat against the society.

    • Although your post holds offensive language, it was approved for the sake of providing information in response. It’s a proven statistic that 88% of people who support the nuclear industry change their opinion once they become aware of the facts. The industry itself has an answer to your question regarding “what is hazardous”. Once GE/Hitachi’s uranium pellets are done their job of boiling water to create electricity, they are a billion times more radioactive than when they were put into the nuclear reactor. Even after 10 years of immersion in a cooling pond, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s own documents state that nuclear waste is “extremely hazardous and must be isolated from people and the environment, virtually forever”. What container built by humans could possibly remain uncompromized for that length of time? At present there is enough nuclear waste sitting outside nuclear reactors in Canada alone to fill 53 truckloads a month for 30 years. At the front end of the uranium fuel chain, there are almost 300 million tons of uranium mine tailings lying exposed to our environment, leaching into the water and blowing as dust on the wind. Google Alexander Litvinenko. The amount of polonium it took to kill him could be lost on the point of a pin, yet these 300 million tons of tailings are loaded with polonium, along with many more lethal substances. And yet our government signs deals with China and India that will only increase production of tailings and used nuclear fuel? The nuclear industry has been operating blindly for decades, creating what it describes to be the most lethal substance known to humans, yet with no safe method of disposal. In fact, millions of tons of our depleted uranium has instead been dropped as bombs around the world, killing hundreds of thousands and condemning those who survive to untold generations of horrendous disease and birth defects. And anything injected into one part of the world will eventually disperse throughout the world’s water and atmosphere. Twenty-six years after the nuclear waste meltdown and explosion at Chernobyl, sheep raised 2000 kms away in Wales still cannot be sold on the market due to the radioactivity in their meat. So who is the real terrorist? Who is the real threat against the commonwealth, and all life on the planet, for that matter? Surely it is the industry itself, which is cognizant of these facts and yet continues to lie to the people about its “safety”. We created this website to educate the public on the hazards of the nuclear industry, and to engage in discussion. We would be pleased to carry on this discussion with you if you choose to do so in a respectful manner.

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