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Please see our Get Involved! and About Us pages for more information. We have been so busy with everything going on that we are not always able to keep this page up to date. But we’re always looking to expand our networks and often travel to other regions of Saskatchewan and beyond for workshops, meetings and other events. If you’re interested in taking action or getting involved, please send us an email: 

MARCH 2013:

Our allies down south are asking others to attend the University of Saskatchewan Board of Governors Annual Public Meeting on March 4 at noon in Saskatoon to raise the issue of the nuclear industry’s inordinate influence at the University. More details here.



Update: The Collaboration Agreement was signed in Pinehouse on December 12, 2012. Later that day, the full text of the agreement was made available online. The group of northerners is now working on an injunction to stop its implementation. Ongoing support and resources are still needed.

A group of northerners from Pinehouse (5), Beauval (1), English River First Nation (1) and Canoe Lake First Nation (1) has just secured a lawyer that is working on a court injunction to stop the implementation of this agreement. The lawyer informed the group today that “Anyone can add their name, including organizations and groups.”

The group is appealing to all human rights and environmental groups and organizations to demonstrate unity in protecting our right to free speech by signing on to this court injunction.

Details: Support Court Injunction to Stop Signing of Cameco Areva Pinehouse Agreement.


Update, December 12, 2012: *After* it was signed today, the full text of the agreement was made released. A group of Pinehouse residents and other northerners is now considering an injunction against its implementation.

Revelations last week that the northern Saskatchewan community of Pinehouse is set to sign a so-called “Collaboration Agreement” with uranium giants Cameco and Areva have sparked outrage in the community due to terms of the agreement that residents say is a blatant attempt to silence opposition to the expansion of uranium mining in the area.

Terms of the agreement include:

  • “Pinehouse is expected to fully support Cameco/Areva’s mining”
  • “Pinehouse will support Cameco/Areva’s Existing Operations,” “Pinehouse will support Cameco/Areva’s Proposed Projects” and will “Support Cameco/Areva’s Future Operations” (emphasis in original)
  • “Pinehouse promises to: Not make statements or say things in public or to any government, business agency that opposes Cameco/Areva’s mining operations.”
  • “Pinehouse promises to: ““Make reasonable efforts to ensure Pinehouse members do not say or do anything that interferes with or delays Cameco/Areva’s mining, or do or say anything that is not consistent with Pinehouse’s promises under the Collaboration Agreement.”

Read the full text of the Term Sheet summary, Cameco-Areva-Pinehouse Collaboration Agreement.

While communities have the right to enter into agreements with industry, many residents of Pinehouse are opposed to the agreement as it currently stands, especially the terms which are nothing more than a blatant attempt to silence residents who are opposed to the expansion of uranium mining in the region, and argue that there has been almost no consultation with community members on this far-reaching agreement.

Despite this, the collaboration agreement states, “The Parties want to sign the Collaboration Agreement by December 31, 2012” and there are indications that it may be signed next week.

Residents of Pinehouse have asked for your support!


1.       Contact Cameco, Areva, the Mayor of Pinehouse and others involved in this agreement

Email, phone or fax Cameco, Areva, the Mayor of Pinehouse and tell them:

  • not to sign the collaboration agreement until full and adequate consultation with the entire community has been done and the community at large agrees to the terms
  • to remove terms in the agreement that attempt to silence residents’ rights to freedom of expression under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • to remove terms that commit to support for future projects, about which community members have no details about and to which they may object

To group email key people involved in the collaboration agreement:
a)      Write your own message based on the points above
b)      Enter a subject line like “Don’t sign the gag order agreement without community consent”
c)       Copy and paste the following email addresses into the TO: field of your email program.;;;;;;;;;;;
d)      Copy and paste the following email addresses into the CC: field of your email program:;;;;;;;;;;;
e)      Copy and paste the following into the BCC: field of your email program:
f)       Press send!

You can also contact key people individually. Contacts are included at the end of this message.

2.       Use social media to tell Cameco and Areva not to sign the agreement

Use the following to Tweet at Cameco and Areva:

And use the following hashtags:

3.       Help Pinehouse residents spread the word

Articles, analysis, letters to the editor and more are on the Committee for Future Generations website at Please share the information on Facebook, Twitter and through your email networks!

4.       Express your opinion in the media

The Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan has an excellent “Express Your Opinion” page on its website, where you can find contact information for major media outlets and elected officials in Saskatchewan:

Write letters to the editor detailing your support for Pinehouse residents’ right to speak up!


Please BCC your messages to

Cameco Contacts

Gary Merasty
Cameco Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility
Phone: 306-956-8180

Darwin Roy
Manager, Northern Community Relations at Cameco’s Northern Affairs Office

R. Liam Mooney
Vice-President, Safety, Health, Environment and Quality, Regulatory Relations, Cameco Corporation

Darrel Burnouf
Senior Specialist in Business Development, Cameco Corporation

Cameco Office in Pinehouse

Investor, Corporate and Government Relations Department
Cameco Corporation
2121-11th Street West
Saskatoon, SK  S7M 1J3
Phone: (306) 956-6200
Fax: (306) 956-6201

You can also send a general email of concern to Cameco using their online form.

Areva Contacts

Jarret Adams
Areva Resources Canada Inc.
Phone: 306-343-4500
Fax: 306-653-3883

Glenn Lafleur
Manager, Northern Affairs for AREVA Resources Canada Inc.

Richard Gladue
Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, for Areva Resources Canada Inc.

AREVA Resources Canada Inc.
P.O. Box 9204
817 – 45th Street West
Saskatoon, SK  S7K 3X5

Pinehouse Contacts

Pinehouse Mayor Mike Natomagan

Pinehouse Councilor Greg Ross

Pinehouse Councilor Caroline Ratt-Misponas

Vince Natomagan
President of Pinehouse Kineepik Metis Local

Other Key Contacts:

Metis Nation President Robert Doucette

President of Pinehouse Kineepik Metis Local Vince Natomagan

Metis Nation Area Director Glen McCallum

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission President Michael Binder

Scott Boyes
Saskatchewan Northern Affairs

Warren Kelly
Manager of the Northern Saskatchewan Environmental Quality Committee (NSEQC)

Dr. James Irvine, Population Health Unit / Northern Regional Health Authorities

Brad Wall
Premier of Saskatchewan

Ken Cheveldayoff
Minister of the Environment, Saskatchewan

Jim Reiter
Minister Responsible First Nations, Métis and Northern Affairs

John Nilson
Leader of the Official Opposition, Saskatchewan

Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada

Please remember to BCC your messages to the Committee for Future Generations – – and let us know if you receive any responses.

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    • As soon as it was made available online two days ago – *after* it was signed – the link to the full text of the agreement was immediately posted to this website. Updates with the link have also been added to several other posts, including on this page. The final agreement would have certainly been shared earlier on this site had it been available. At the time, only the draft summary of terms was public – because it was released on this site, not by the company or government officials supposedly carrying out consultation. Doesn’t seem very ethical to wait until after it’s signed to let affected residents read an agreement.

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