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The Committee for Future Generations was formed on May 16, 2011 by a group of citizens concerned that northern Saskatchewan communities are being aggressively targeted by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) to store Canada’s nuclear waste.

Over 2 million used nuclear fuel rods sit above ground at nuclear reactors in eastern Canada. According to the industry’s own documents, this high-level radioactive waste will remain extremely hazardous for thousands of years. NWMO is seeking a location for a centralized geological repository to store them.

The northern communities of Pinehouse, Creighton and English River First Nation are presently in the site selection process, but NWMO is providing only one side of the information. Meanwhile, the nuclear industry – including Cameco – continues to infiltrate communities with millions of dollars, contaminating the decision-making process.

In the summer of 2011, the Committee organized the 7000 Generations Walk Against Nuclear Waste from Pinehouse to the Saskatchewan Legislature in Regina, to raise awareness, unite the North and South and gather signatures on our petition to the government for a legislated ban on nuclear waste storage and transportation in our province. On May 14, 2012 we returned to the Legislature to present more than 12,000 signatures.

We are one of the few places left in the world where we can still go out onto the land and water for moose, berries, medicinal plants and fish. A nuclear accident or leak would contaminate our lands and waters forever. Traditional Indigenous wisdom teaches us to think ahead to the next seven generations, but in the case of nuclear waste, we must think ahead 7000 generations.

Opposition to nuclear waste transportation and storage continues to grow as awareness spreads. This is not just a northern issue. We need support from throughout Saskatchewan and beyond.

Contact us: committeeforfuturegenerations@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About Us

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  3. Met all these good people at Uranium meeting in Quebec City. Would like to say I agree with seriousness of opposition to our native peoples ‘ rights by the compagnies. See below for our info and links. Speak to Stone or Stuart Senior. (RSI)

    Subject “BILINGUAL”: Solidarity Anti- Nuke msg below, also Native “Critique” Pipeline Address to QC National Assembly… Native Great Law of Peace, Can’Québec-Eur-Japan-World ( Remember Womens’-Mens’ sequence-council)
    Kaienkéhà:ka ( Mohawk) Traditional Council immediate support to nuclear victims everywhere immediate response from Japan (No Nukes Plaza) and making this simultaneously known to “distant from the people institutions?” like the IAEA while making clear physical earth-human health link speaking -interconnecting with City of Montreal (www.ismene…. and Quebec National Assembly (link below assnat..) via Mother of All North American and Environmental Treaties, The Two Row Wampum”. (e letters upon request via this email. web site http://www.mohawktraditionalcouncil.net

    In Peace and Friendship,

    Stone Iwaasa { Liaison 2 Row Wampum} ( Diplômé, Uqam, U Strasbourg)

    Under Bear Clan, K(M) TC, Kahnawake ( south shore across river from Island of Montreal, QC)
    cell 514-622-1443 Traditional Longhouse 450-638-4357 ( also see me in Trois- Rivières, QC)




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